Enterprise Records Management

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Enterprise Records Management

Government agencies have spent and continue to spend millions of dollars on litigation costs and diverted costly staff resources to respond to e-discovery requests for public records. This has presented a unique opportunity in State and Local governments for an affordable enterprise class document and records management solution that is secure, configurable, user-friendly, and scalable.

Understanding this need, Arikkan partnered with Chaves Consulting to design, develop and deploy the first Private Government Cloud for Record Management in the US. Cloud Records Management Solutions (CRMS ® ) is a proven, state-of-the-art, affordable enterprise records management solution powered by MF Content Manager (formerly HP Records Manger / HP TRIM). CRMS ®  offers MF Content Manager to end users at an affordable monthly cost that is measured on a named user basis. CRMS has been successfully piloted and deployed in production for state and local government agencies in the state of Oregon (ORMS – Oregon Records Management Solution), ranging from large state agencies to local cities and counties.

MF Content Manager is a DOD 5015.2 certified, scalable Enterprise Document and Records Management Solution (EDRMS) that simplifies the capture, management, security, and access to information in its business context. MF Content Manager is a proven EDRMS that has been servicing government agencies around the world for more than 30 years. MicroFocus continually enhances Records Manager to meet the evolving needs of records management and align with advancements in technology.

MF Content Manager Key Benefits

  • Proven records management for your enterprise
  • Ability to manage Electronic Documents, Physical Assets, and Spaces
  • Enhanced search and indexing capabilities
  • Increased compliance capability and faster responses to legal discovery requests
  • Improved employee productivity and business process efficiencies
  • Transparent records management and site archiving for SharePoint
  • Tight desktop integration and the ability to scale across large, distributed environments
  • Ability to build custom application interfaces with open .NET / COM based SDK